Each Razer Product Title, Ranked Greatest to Worst

Each Razer Product Title, Ranked Greatest to Worst

Rzer Deathadder video still

Razer is, arguably, one of the bombastic manufacturers on the market. It’s the originator of the “gamer” aesthetic, due in no small half to its excessive branding stretching again to its founding within the late ’90s. And an enormous a part of that branding is in its names.

Mice named after snakes. Keyboards named after spiders. Headsets named after fearsome sea creatures. Razer names its merchandise not not like a army department naming a brand new fighter jet, in search of a moniker with a primal intimidation issue. In spite of everything, you possibly can’t slay noobs in case your keyboard has a reputation like “Intellitype,” proper? On the similar time, Razer’s names is usually a little inscrutable, typically deciding on obscure Latin biology phrases. If what “Cynosa” means with out having to verify Wikipedia, you’re most likely an entomologist arachnologist.

So, I made a decision to check out the title of each single product Razer at present sells on its web site. Excluding duplicate variants (like “X,” “Chroma,” “Stealth,” “Event Version,” et cetera) and equipment that don’t actually have names past a primary description, I discovered 44 present units. After which I ranked them from greatest to worst. As a result of it was enjoyable. [Editor’s Note: Michael’s definition of fun is…unique.]

When contemplating the names, I took into consideration the final title itself, the theme of the gadget household (snakes for mice, cats for controllers), and whether or not or not the title truly associated to a attribute of the gadget. That stated, my rankings don’t depend on any scientific or linguistic foundation, only a intestine feeling.

1: Atheris Mouse

Razer Atheris mouse

Razer’s mice are all named after snakes, or no less than snake-adjacent monsters. The Atheris is a tiny little mouse, appropriate for packing in a laptop computer bag or perhaps a pocket, if for some cause you wish to play PC video games in your telephone. Its namesake is a family of venomous snakes found in tropical African forests, none of which attain greater than two and a half ft lengthy. It suits into the gadget household, it suits the gadget itself, and it’s a bit obscure: the perfect Razer gadget title.

2. Huntsman Keyboard

Razer’s keyboards are named for spiders. The Huntsman household is descriptively named as a result of they run and chase their prey like a traditional predator as a substitute of weaving lure webs. The biggest, the giant huntsman spider of Laos, may be almost a foot lengthy. With its pretty well-known affiliation and an aggressive title even in the event you don’t know the animals, it’s good for Razer’s flagship optical keyboard line.

3. Opus Headphones

Razer Opus Headphones
Cameron Summerson

Razer’s lately been branching out of particularly “gamer” gear, and certainly one of its first efforts is the Opus noise cancelling headphones, fairly clearly impressed by mainstream fashions just like the Sony WH-atev3rs. An opus is a musical piece, the singular type of “opera.” So, although it dispenses with the broader theme for Razer’s audio merchandise (sea monsters), it’s simply so good as a product title in and of itself that it will get very excessive on this checklist.

4. Blade laptops

Razer Blade Laptop

Razer should have been saving “Blade” for a very long time, simply ready for one thing good. It paid off: “Razer Blade” is rattling close to unforgettable as a product title. Its laptops are typically among the many greatest within the gaming area of interest and have attraction even past for his or her stealth fighter appears to be like.

5. Firefly mousepad

Razer’s mousepads are named after bugs. The Firefly series was its first with built-in LEDs. It suits fairly completely. Even when nobody’s intimidated by fireflies, Razer might need scored a couple of purchases from followers of outdated sci-fi TV exhibits—a pleasant bonus.

6. Deathadder mouse

One in all Razer’s most enduringly common merchandise, the Deathadder mouse will get its title from the death adder of Australia and Oceania. Among the many most venomous snakes on this planet, the etymology of the loss of life adder isn’t literal, as in including loss of life to any given state of affairs: Adder is solely an adaptation of an historic German phrase for snake. However the extra literal interpretation to trendy English audio system certainly helps on this mouse’s branding attraction.

7. Naga mouse

Razer Naga mouse

Razer’s go-to “MMO” mouse for years has been known as the Naga, a reputation inherited from semi-divine snake-like beings found in Hindu mythology. They typically manifest as people with the top of a cobra, or as multi-headed snakes. The latter might need been the inspiration for the mouse, as its signature function has as much as 12 thumb buttons, the higher to bind for advanced assaults in on-line RPGs, MOBAs, or RTS video games.

8. Mamba mouse

The Mamba was Razer’s first wi-fi mouse. And just like the Blade laptops, I get the impression the corporate was saving the title “Mamba” for one thing particular. The mamba household of African snakes is among the many most harmful on this planet, and the black mamba in particular is perhaps the most harmful, due to a mixture of territorial aggression and fast-acting neurotoxic venom. It’s additionally fully wi-fi. [Editor’s Note: KOBE!]

9. Goliathus mousepad

“Goliath” is particularly the title of an enormous within the Bible, nevertheless it’s been utilized to just about something huge, together with the Latin-ish title of the Goliathus genus of absolutely massive beetles. They’re among the many largest bugs on the planet, and thus are a becoming namesake for Razer’s huge mousepads: the extended version is greater than 36 inches huge.

10. Basilisk mouse

Most likely greatest recognized now for that bit in Harry Potter, the basilisk is a monster with a whole lot of mythological weight behind it. It’s typically described as a mix between a snake and a rooster, and the basilisk is so venomous that even its path can kill you in the event you come throughout it. Famously, the basilisk turns you to stone with its gaze. It’s a pretty fearsome name for a mouse, although the way it pertains to the signature “clutch” DPI button, I couldn’t guess.

11. Raptor monitor

Razer Raptor monitor

On the time of writing, Razer has just one monitor, the trendy however considerably overpriced 27-inch Raptor. It suits into Razer’s normal naming scheme: stuff that may sound good as an off-brand muscle automobile or Sith Lord. [Author’s note: my editor informs me that Ford makes a souped-up pickup truck called the Raptor, so there ya go!] As predatory birds are typically quick, it really works nicely with the monitor’s 144Hz refresh fee. But when Razer makes any extra displays, it’ll have a greater probability to flesh out this class with extra distinctive names. Alternately, it may title them after dinosaurs, a call I’ll preemptively endorse.

12. Kraken headset

The Kraken is a big sea monster of Norse fable, typically represented as a giant squid or octopus. Razer’s audio merchandise have a sea monster/predator theme, so it suits nicely, and the massive promoting level for the basic model is 50mm drivers. Huge squid, huge drivers… yeah, it really works.

13. Leviathan soundbar

Razer’s only soundbar can also be its greatest sound product, so sticking with the ocean monster theme and naming after one thing actually, actually huge suits completely. The “leviathan” is a reputation for a sea monster talked about a number of instances within the Bible, and like Goliath, it’s develop into one thing of a shorthand for something huge.

14. Viper mouse

The Viper was certainly one of Razer’s first gaming mice, predated solely by the Boomslang (which, sure, can also be a snake). The most recent iteration is ambidextrous, as was the unique, however why it’s been provided that outdated title isn’t clear. I suppose snakes are ambidextrous, in that they’re equally inept at utilizing both proper or left arms. The Viper is on the decrease finish of the snake-mouse scale for lack of distinctive branding.

15. Hammerhead headphones

Razer hammerhead headphones

The AirPods-like true wireless headphones are designed for cell use greater than specific “gaming,” however as a result of they stick out of the aspect of your head in a approach very barely harking back to the enduring shark, I assume it is smart.

16. Thresher headset

Presumably referring to a family of sharks, Thresher is a reasonably strong Razer title due to affiliation with an enormous piece of apparatus and a verb meaning “to strike repeatedly.” However thresher sharks are recognized for a particular lengthy tail, and there’s nothing in the headset that mirrors that trait.

17. Tomahawk PC case

Razer Tomahawk PC case

Razer’s reasonably mild sequence of PC circumstances are named after a sort of axe utilized by Native Individuals. It’s a loan word from Algonquin, now used for kind of any small axe. As the one entry on this class, it’s arduous to evaluate the Tomahawk cases as becoming right into a theme, however the title works advantageous by itself. A bonus issue is affiliation with a sequence of long-range missiles.

18. Raiju controller

Razer’s game controllers don’t have a really tight theme, typically being named after huge cats or different furry toothy scary creatures. Even so, naming a controller after a legendary lightning beast of Japanese folklore is fairly metallic. The raiju’s tendency to sleep in folks’s stomach buttons doesn’t appear to have a parallel within the product itself.

19. BlackWidow Keyboard

One in all Razer’s hottest merchandise, the BlackWidow clearly suits in with the spider keyboard theme, and something black works for Razer. However I’m knocking it down the checklist for omitting the area and for camelcasing. BecauseIcan.

20. Tetra headset

Tetra are small freshwater fish, common in residence aquariums. They’re solely intimidating in the event you occur to be a gnat. However they match the aquatic audio theme, as the Tetra is Razer’s smallest and cheapest console headset, extra like one thing you’d discover in a truck cease electronics part than a Gamestop. It’s a bizarre however becoming selection—I’d have gone with “Snapper” for a similar impact however extra aggression.

21. Kishi controller

Razer Kishi controller
Michael Crider

A kishi is a two-faced, vaguely hyena-ish demon of Angolan folklore. It’s all about luring in victims with easy speak, then consuming them. It appears solely vaguely related to the theme of huge scary cats and wolves established within the different controllers, and there’s no connection to the cell facet of the excellent iPhone/Android-friendly Kishi. Perhaps the 2 halves of the controller rely as two faces?

22. Wolverine controller

Come on, this controller solely acquired in due to the Marvel character, bub. There are a whole lot of different intimidating furry creatures you might have chosen—“Lynx” even has the gaming affiliation inbuilt!

23. Panthera controller

Panthera is the genus of felines that features the traditional huge cats—lions, tigers, panthers, et cetera. It suits within the theme for controllers, nevertheless it’s form of generic. I get the impression that somebody thought “Razer Panther” sounded too near one thing supplied by MadCatz.

24. Turret keyboard and mouse

Razer Turret Keyboard and mouse
Michael Crider

The Turret is a combination wireless mouse and keyboard for the Xbox One. So going by the established themes, it will be named for both a snake or a spider, or each. The plain decide right here is Pseudocerastes urarachnoides, the terrifying spider-tailed horned viper… however that’s arduous to suit on the aspect of a retail field. I suppose the thought of a “turret” as a weapon that it’s a must to arrange suits, because the Turret deploys a mouse pad to be used in your lap.

25. Nommo audio system

Razer’s only current stereo speaker offering is known as after a sequence of fish-like spirits venerated by the Dogon people of Mali, central Africa. It’s a reasonably free connection to Razer’s shark/sea monster theme, and there doesn’t seem like any distinctive function that has to do with the audio system themselves.

26. Tartarus keypad

Razer Tartarus keypad

I’m of two minds on this one. The Tartarus left-hand keypad is my favorite Razer product, and “Tartarus” is technically a genus of Australian cave spiders, becoming the keyboard theme. Nevertheless it’s fairly rattling obscure—solely 4 species, with one being famous for its white pigmentation and blindness. Tartarus is, in fact, the title for a good deeper portion of the underworld (beneath Hades) in Greek mythology. There’s nothing in both that matches the product—the same however discontinued Orbweaver keypad was a a lot better match for the theme.

27. Abyssus mouse

“Abyssus” is a Latin phrase meaning the identical as abyss, i.e., one thing deep and darkish, presumably the ocean or hell. Its solely connection to Razer’s snake mouse theme is that “abyssus” typically will get used for the “pit” part of “pit viper” snakes within the organic taxonomy. It’s a really tenuous connection and doesn’t have something to do with the budget ambidextrous features of the mouse, which is why that is the second-lowest ranked mouse on this checklist.

28. Ornata keyboard

Razer Ornata keyboard

Ornata is a Latin phrase that means embellished, the basis phrase of the English adjective ornate. It’s typically utilized in taxonomy for striped or noticed animals and crops. The one spider I may discover is the peocilotheria ornata, AKA the ornate tiger spider, an enormous tarantula in Sri Lanka. That’s a reasonably weak hyperlink to the theme when Googling “ornata” will get you a bunch of crops first, and there’s no connection to the unique mecha-membrane switch feature.

29. Cynosa keyboard

Cynosa agedabiae” is a single species of wolf spider from North Africa. It seems to be so obscure, no less than when it comes to biology, that I couldn’t discover a single labeled picture of it. The Cynosa is Razer’s last full membrane, non-mechanical keyboard, so this odd selection for a reputation is perhaps extra becoming than meant.

30. Sphex mousepad

The Sphex is a small, thin, inexpensive mousepad. It’s named after a genus of small wasps with greater than 130 species. So, it’s fairly vague… which I assume suits, as there’s nothing notably outstanding in regards to the mousepad. The wasp’s predictable conduct, which is used as an illustration in some philosophy texts, most likely doesn’t enter into the equation.

31. Seiren microphone

Razer Seiren Microphone

Come on Razer, that’s only a misspelling of siren. Which I assume counts broadly as a “sea monster,” and type of suits within the audio theme. However there’s no cause to not name this the Siren. It even is smart, as it’s a microphone and sirens sing.

32. Junglecat controller

Razer’s not even making an attempt with this one. And there’s a lot they may have completed with a Switch-style controller pair for phones! Nope, tremendous generic title. A disgrace.

33. Kiyo webcam

Razer Kiyo webcam

Kiyo or Kiyohime is a Japanese folklore character, a woman who transformed into a giant serpent when her love rejected her. As a result of the Kiyo is the only webcam Razer makes, it doesn’t have a theme to suit into … besides, this title would work higher for a mouse. It’s a bizarre selection right here.

34. Nari headset

Primarily based on my analysis, “Nari” refers both to an obscure son of Norse god Loki, or an much more obscure Slavic monster generated from the soul of a dead child. Both approach, it doesn’t match Razer’s aquatic audio theme or the alleged cozy options of the Nari headset.

35. Kraken Kitty headset

Razer Krakken Kitty headset

That is simply the Kraken headset from above, with decorative kitty ears, accessible in black/inexperienced or pink/white. The ears mild up, due to course they do. Whereas I admire Razer getting out of its aesthetic consolation zone, one thing so distinctive actually calls for its personal title—maybe “Ariidae,” a genus of catfish. (I’m not sorry.)

36. Core X eGPU

The Core X is an external GPU—you stick a desktop graphics card in there, plug in a USB-C laptop computer, and play some candy pc video games. The product and the class are actually cool, which makes it disappointing that Razer phoned within the title with a naked descriptor.

37. Professional Click on mouse, Professional Sort keyboard, and Professional Glide mousepad

After I praised the Razer Opus headphones, it’s discouraging to see Razer get so utilitarian with its newest merchandise aimed at more conventional office workers. Simply since you’re going for “work” doesn’t imply you possibly can’t have enjoyable names.

38. Razer Cellphone

Razer Phone 2

Okay, I can admire the flat, direct branding of Razer’s self-titled gaming phone, no less than from a advertising and marketing perspective. However given how nicely the Razer Blade works as a product title, merely calling a telephone a Cellphone is an enormous let-down

39. Acari mousepad

Acari is a subclass of ticks and mites. It suits within the bug theme for mousepads, however nonetheless, that’s not intimidating, it’s simply gross.

40. Gigantus Mousepad

Razer Gigantus Keyboard

I like the Gigantus a lot as a product, however there’s no getting round the truth that the title is simply fake Latin for “huge.” It’s an enormous wiff subsequent to the same Goliathus, which ticks the identical psychological field however suits into the insect theme completely.

41. BlackShark headset

Razer, did you critically run out of sharks? This one goes notably low on the checklist for extra camelcasing.

42. Raion controller

This six-button controller is made especially for fans of 2D fighting games with clicky mechanical buttons. It’s distinctive in Razer’s lineup… however the one references I can discover to the phrase “Raion” with that spelling are Soviet-era administrative land divisions. Baffling.

43. Iskur gaming chair

Razer Iskur chair

The one reference I can discover to Iskur earlier than Razer introduced its gaming chair collaboration with SecretLab is the Turkish authorities’s employment company. If it’s referring to the rest, maybe in another language, I can’t discover it.

44. Arctech telephone case

Both it is a deliberate misspelling of “architect” or—way more possible—the title of this phone case series is fully meaningless.

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